Another young hero looking to test his future in ‘lens’!


Lens are the most important part of any film. When we are trying to make a film, we need cameras and cameras come with digital or anamorphic lenses.

Without them, we can’t take a picture and video is nothing but 24 to 30 frames/pictures running per second. So, on World Photography Day, we have to appreciate the importance of lens in our world as it is helping us to watch different areas which we are not aware of and also make videos to our creative taste.

Shiva Kandukuri, son of Raj Kandukuri, producer of films like Pelli Choopulu and Mental Mandilo, is coming as a photographer in his debut film.

He is playing a wildlife photographer and the movie will show the world through his lens, it seems.

Sesha Sindhu Rao is debuting with the film as director. Suresh Babu released the First Look of the film.

Soon, more details about the film will be released by the team. They titled the movie as Choosi Choodamgane!!