Anushka Shetty Reveals About Her Relationship


Anushka Shetty, one of the biggest leading ladies down south is in news a lot these days. Everyone knows the reason- Her relationship status! Fans and common audience are so curious to know about her personal life rather than the films she is part of. Recently, during her 15 years in films celebrations, Anushka slammed all the rumors on her and stated she is very much single.

In the recent promotional activities of her film ‘Nishabdam’, she revealed about her relationship status in the past. She said she was in a relationship with one guy back in 2008 but parted ways in a short span. She even said ‘had we been together I would have revealed the name’. After reading this news, fans started pondering about who that guy could be? It remains a secret until Anushka herself reveals. Until then if at all if you wish to know just ponder on her filmography you may get near a wild guess.

Anushka is busily promoting her film ‘Nishabdam’ directed by Hemant Madhukar. The film stars R Madhavan, Anjali in pivotal roles and is set up around the haunting house and murder mystery backdrop. Anushka is being selective about her future projects post-Bahubali series.

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