Are Ram Charan And Allu Arjun Looking At Bollywood?


Ram Charan is promoting Sye Raa in Hindi and he is doing RRR with SS Rajamouli, India’s biggest commercial director.

In Sye Raa interviews, he has been hinting at trying his luck again in Bollywood after Toofan/Zanjeer with a much better film, this time around.

He has been close to several producers and also, attended party of Kiara Advani in Mumbai like never before. People might say that some are reading too much into random coincidences and answers, but Ram Charan is not looking to be silent concentrating on the film with SS Rajamouli.

He needs to promote Sye Raa but him doing it with his father in National media more seems to be helping him gain more contacts for a Pan Indian film after RRR like Saaho from Prabhas.

Allu Arjun who is competent and has good following in Hindi markets due to his dubbed Telugu films, seems to be also trying to figure out a way to join the tide.

With Tarak and Ram Charan looking to build their career as Pan-Indian actors after RRR, Bunny could be feeling left out as Mahesh is thinking about getting Rajamouli’s Yes, for a film with him.

So, he is also using his Bollywood contacts say observers and him attending a party of Nikhil Advani, Bollywood director whose Batla House became a success is a major indication it seems.

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