Are ‘Tik Tok’ promotions really helpful?


After ‘Dubsmash’, ‘Tik Tok’ became popular amongst youth these days. Many are using this app and small heroes are showing interest in promoting their films through ‘Tik Tok’.

Realising this as a great opportunity to make money, ‘Tik Tok’ influencers who have a lot of followers are demanding hefty amounts from producers. Small films are mainly relying on these ways to promote their films but one undebatable truth is that they have limited reach. Not many uses ‘Tik Tok’ and there is a lot of aversion towards this app among the public. So using this app for publicity and ignoring mainstream media like print, television and websites is proving to be harmful to our heroes.

These days heroes often complain about not getting good buzz and openings for their films. Promoting their films on ‘Tik Tok’ is not making things any better. Its high time that our heroes realize this and come up with new strategies to publicize their films.

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