Ashok Galla’s Movie Got Shelved?


Galla Jaydev’s son and Mahesh Babu’s nephew Ashok Galla started a film as a debut lead hero in Telugu. The team hyped up his entry into the Industry and Mahesh wished him all the luck too.

But the movie starring him got shelved say few sources. Sriram Adittya who made films like Devdas, Samanthakamani, Bhale Manchi Roju is the director of the film.

The team started production in November, 2019 and they promised to come up with the film by Summer or June in 2020.

Unfortunately, the team decided to not make the film after looking at the rush of the first schedule, it seems.

Did they not like Sriram’s taking or Ashok’s performance? We cannot pinpoint and tell you. For now, the movie has been shelved and they might work on something else, it seems.

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