Bad Omen?: Puri Jagannath Temple Flag Catches Fire


In an incident that is being seen as a very bad omen at the time of rnrnCorona virus attack, the holy flag of Puri Jagannath temples tallest rnrnGopuram was burnt. The images and clips of the burning flag sending rnrnsparks and cinders into air have gone viral all across Odisha, where rnrnPuri Jagannath is venerated as the presiding deity of the state.

Onrnrn March 20 night, the customary Mahadeepam of the temple was placed atop rnrnthe 12th Century Gopuram of the Jagannad temple as part of the rnrnPapanashini Ekadasi festival. But due to the winds, the lower part of rnrnthe flag tied to the Neelakantha chakra caught fire and was reduced torn rnashes in moments. This is the first ever time that such an incident rnhas rnhappened in the history of Puri Jagannath temple and many considerrn this rnto be a bad omen. The fears have increased manifold as the rncountry is rnalready battling a major health crisis in the form of rnCorona crisis. rnHowever, the temple authorities said that the main flagrn of the temple rnwas unaffected and the flag burning should not be seen rnas a bad omen.

Odisharn has recorded nine Corona positive cases rnso far. The State Government rnhas initiated measures to quarantine the rnaffected people and prevent thern spread of the deadly virus which has rnalready affected over 3 lakh rnpeople worldwide.

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