Beauty Blouse is now a police case


Vaani Kapoor recently posted a picture where she could be seen wearing a blouse top along with khaki coloured trousers. The white blouse which had frills on the sides and was the deep neck, had Lord Rama’s name printed all over it in pink. That didn’t go well with the netizens who ended up using inappropriate terms like “shameless” for her and alleged that Vaani hurt the Hindu sentiments. There are also tweets storming Twitter to ban the actress.

The complaint has been filed with N M Joshi police station in Mumbai. Meanwhile, owing to all the negativity, the actress has removed the picture from her Instagram, but it’s already going viral all across the social media platforms. Let me tell you that this is not the first time when there has been a dispute about the clothes of God Print, such controversies have also come up before.

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