Bhagyaraj’s misogynic Speech Sparkles Controversy


Famous Tamil director K Bhagyaraj has landed himself in a deep controversy for his ‘logical’ explanation of the sexual assaults and rapes against women.

While talking at the music launch of his latest flick, ‘Karuthukalai Pathivi Sei’, he aked women ‘What is it that you talk so much about on the phone’?. Ironically this film is based on the 2019 Pollachi Sex scandal that shock Tamilnadu largely.

He even said that ‘boys can’t always be blamed’ for these sorts of crimes.

His misogynistic speech sparkled a quick controversy.

Bhagyaraj said mobile phones have intensified the vulnerability of women as the availability of phones, gives ‘an opportunity to message and talk to whatever they want.’

During his speech, he even took dig at women for ‘being careless’ and creating an opportunity of ‘letting men use’ them. By quoting an old Tamil proverb he said, ‘Can’t thread a needle without its permission.’

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