‘Bhairava Geetha’ Girl’s New Look


Director Ram Gopal Varma turned as a producer for an action film ‘Bhairavaa Geeta’. He introduced a beautiful actress Irra Mor to Tollywood.

With the teaser and trailer of the film itself, the actress has impressed the audience. Now, the movie recently got released and received a lukewarm response. RGV tried to promote the film aggressively by comparing it with 2.O. But none of his attempts succeeded in rescuing the film from getting tanked at the box office.

Irra Mor who expected to gain more offers after ‘Bhairava Geetha’ is disappointed. As the movie became a disaster at the box office, the actress is now using her beauty as bait to grab the attention. Recently, she underwent a hot photoshoot.

The pictures of Irra Mor looking hot and stylish are now going viral on the Internet. She is indirectly stating that she can pull off glamorous roles well too. We have to wait and see how far these hot pics are going to help her in gaining more offers.

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