Bheeshma Film To Face Legal Issues?


Bheeshma film title has come under Telangana Fisherman community scanner and we reported about this issue, before the release of the film. Back then, producer Naga Vamshi had discussions with the said community leaders but he did not budge to their pressure.

As he did not respond, the community leaders have approached police with a written complaint on film team asking them to take action on major part of the team, for hurting their sentiments.

They namely identified – director Venky Kudumula, Producer Naga Vamshi and Writers of the film, as their main targets in the complaint, it seems.

The community leaders have given the formal written complaint with their lawyer and police have assured them that they will take appropriate action after complete competent and unbiased scrutiny.

The movie held up well on Monday but Tuesday seems to be a little bit slower than anticipated. Movie is expected to deliver longer run at theatres as they are no other considerable big releases till 25th March. Nani’s 25th film, V will open on that date as Ugadi release.

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