Bheeshma First Look: Nithin Goes Crazy!


Nithin mayn’t have delivered a solid hit after ‘A..Aa’ but there are good expectations on his upcoming flick ‘Bheeshma’ which comes with a caption ‘Single Forever’. First Look Posters released on Diwali day were an instant hit.

In the Poster 1, Nithin is only focussing on the well-shaped midriff of Rashmika who seems to be a serious mood. This moment reminds us of the iconic Kushi sequence.

In the Poster 2, Nithin could be seen bashing the goons and the shot composition was done stylishly.

Overall, Director Venky Kudumula of ‘Chalo’ fame succeeded in building the hype around this project. Now, Everyone wants to know when would this flick release.