Bigg Boss 3 First Twist: Hema’s Nomination!


In the first two seasons, Bigg Boss offered breathing space for the contestants by allowing them to settle down for couple of days. For the Season 3, The activity has begun on Day 1 itself.

Nomination Process was kickstarted without any delay. Bigg Boss nominated 5 Contestants (Rahul, Varun Sandesh, Vithika Sheru, Sree Mukhi, Jaffer). These Five Contestants were given an opportunity to convince Character Artiste Hema with an appropriate reason so that she allows them to nominate someone else in their place.

Rahul wanted Teen Maar Savitri to replace her but Judge Hema disapproved.

Varun Sandesh preferred Punarnavi…Judge Hema approved his choice.

Sree Mukhi wished to nominate Himaja and she received the acceptance of Judge Hema.

Jaffer opted for Mahesh Vitta but Judge Hema wasn’t convinced with his argument.

Vithika Sheru choose Ashu Reddy but Judge Hema felt that’s not right.

For the Six Nomination, Bigg Boss asked the Housemates to choose one among Baba Bhaskar and Hema. All the 13 Contestants had unanimously nominated the Character Artiste. That’s the first big twist of Bigg Boss 3!

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