Bigg Boss Season 4 Cut Down To 50 Days?


we are hearing a lot about Bigg Boss season 4. If the Covid never exists, the season 4 would have been started by now and the fans may be glued to Televisions.Needless to say, how fans are impressed with the concept. So far, three seasons had completed and made the Telugu audience desperately wait for the fourth season.As per the sources, four young heroines are roped into the show and King Nagarjuna will be hosting the show again.

Now, one more interesting buzz is that Bigg Boss has cut down to 50 days amid scare. The makers of the show decided to reduce the show to half of the previous season’s duration. Season 1 lasted for 70 days and Season 2 & 3 went on for 100 days. Now their decision on cutting down the next season is a big shock to the fans. However, there is no official confirmation on this yet. Let us wait and see for it.

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