Bollywood Senior Actress Train Journey Amid Corona


Ever since the case of singer Kanika Kapoor got serious, the film world got utterly shaken. All the actors and actresses are sharing cautionary messages. On the other side, few of the actors are sharing their journey history so that they would not be attacked by social media and citizens.

Raveena Tandon, the sexy diva of ’90s shared her train journey details from Mumbai. She traveled to a suburb where her further project was in shooting stage. She said that she has taken all the care in her journey by cleaning her berth and covered herself with a mask. The lovely lady has shared a message on social media saying, “Be Clean and Be Safe. Respect the Govt. Orders and do not travel anywhere. Now I am to isolate in my house up to 31 March”, she said.

It is our concern as citizens of India not to travel anywhere in this hour of crisis. We have to ensure our own safety along with our family. The Govt. of India is taking severe steps against the negligent people amid this Corona outbreak.

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