‘Bommarillu’ Bhaskar follows sentiment this time!


Having sentiments is quite common and you tend to be more superstitious when you are a part of the film fraternity. There are many incidents of our stars changing their spelling according to numerology to change their luck. In the same manner, director ‘Bommarillu’ Bhaskar is following a particular sentiment.

As we know, Bhasker was introduced to Tollywood with ‘Bommarillu’. This film remained as a classic in the minds of everyone. Many thought that he would go places but barring ‘Parugu’, none of his films succeeded which made him take a long gap. Now, he is directing a film under ‘Geetha Arts’ with Akhil Akkineni as the hero. As this film’s result is crucial for him and Akhil, he is making sure that he gets everything right including the luck factor.

Rumours are that the film is being titled as the ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’. Though the sounding is a bit familiar to ‘World Famous Lover’ as some may say, Bhaskar kept is title such that ‘Bachelor’ looks like the main title whereas the ‘Most Eligible’ appears like a caption. As ‘Bommarillu’ started with ‘B’. Bhasker is trying to get the ‘B’ sentiment right this time. Let us wait and see if this superstition works in favour of the team or not.

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