Bond Girl Shares About Her Corona Treatment


The whole world has come to a knockdown position and everywhere, the buzz is about Corona. The pandemic has not left any industry or human race be it rich or poor. While the loss is severe in Italy and Iran, trials are severely going on by the Scientists to find medicine to treat Corona.

Actress Olga Kurylenko, the famous Bond Girl who acted in the film ‘Quantum Of Solace’ has been tested positive for Corona. She got quarantined and has shared her treatment experience to her fans and people around the World. She said that “she suffered from fever and severe body pains. For Fever Doctors advised me to take Paracetamol that helps in lowering the temperature of the body and for the immunity, I have taken Vitamin E5, B, and C tablets. I still feel pains all over my body and this may take a few weeks to get back to normal” she ended.

There were reports that Malaria and HIV medicines are working better to some extent and It remains to be seen how much time the scientists would take to find the medicine for Corona Virus. It is better for individuals to be cautious as prevention is better than cure!

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