Boycott Dear Comrade Trending Online


‘Dear Comrade’ released all over South on Friday. What came as a shock to many is the hashtag #BoycottDearComrade trending on Twitter since Yesterday.

In Karnataka, Telugu Version of ‘Dear Comrade’ is being screened in more number of theatres than than Kannada Version. This move hasn’t gone down with many Kannadigas. Some Furious Kannadigas opined Makers needn’t have to dub the movie in Kannada if they had made up their mind to screen the Telugu Version in more number of screens.

Few Kannadigas even complained that allotting more screens to Telugu Version is like imposing Telugu on them. Few People questioned how could there be 3 Telugu Shows and 1 Kannada Show in a Kannada-speaking State.

A Netizen has gone to the extent of accusing KFI and KFCC of selling the whole entertainment market in Karnataka to Telugus. Another Netizen questioned about the motive behind screening Telugu version in areas where there are no Telugu People.

Is this fresh controversy due to just because of misunderstanding or miscommunication? Or if Makers of ‘Dear Comrade’ hasn’t judged the range of Kannada Version properly?

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