Brahmanandam in a different look for Krishna Vamsi


Krishna Vamsi did not prefer Brahmanandam as his lead comedian in majority of his films. He gave him a role only in his film, Danger and that too backfired.

He preferred to go with humour in the story and couldn’t fit in Brahmanandam in the characters that he felt can bring out comic relief on screen as he doesn’t prefer separate tracks.

As he is getting ready to make Marathi film, Natasamrat remake, as Rangamarthanda, he took the legendary comedian in a more serious role.

The director tweeted the look of the actor and announced the role, by himself on social media.

He wrote,

“Very exhilarating to have the Legendary and Padmasri Brahmanandam Garu in our RANGAMARTHANDA…In a crucial and heart squeezing role .#rangamarthanda ”

Brahmanandam has been looking for second innings on screen after a brief gap and comedy roles haven’t been working for him in the same vain as before. May be it is time for actor in him to look for serious roles. May be Rangamarthanda will be that break he is looking for.

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