Bunny shares about a “special heroism”!


Every person, male or female wants to show off in front of their better halves. As they are so close to us, in everyday life, somehow they start taking us for granted and that feeling slightly hurts our ego.

Few couples argue on this so much that they lose sight of how important their work is for them and the people around. They just want their spousal approval and at times, give up adjust or just accept that they cannot achieve it ever.

Not just females, males go through this too alot. If a male suddenly feels dominating or unsatisfied, just ask him, why he feels so and you will find out in 70% of the cases, it is frustration regarding the lack of appreciation from some corner for all the efforts, he has put in. So, he wants at least his wife to appreciate his efforts. And vice versa for females too.

Bunny explained this in a funny way on the stage of his Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo musical concert stage. He said that he used to follow his wife for all the parties, clubs even though, he doesn’t like it much, as he was “free”.

He always that his songs were not played by bands as much as the others. His wife dismissed his observation as his wishful thinking. He asked him to first deliver such successful audio that people can’t escape playing it at such places.

He wanted such successful audio and found it with AVPL. Majority of bands, started singing his film songs – Samajavaragamana, Ramuloo Ramulaa, to such extent that Bunny’s wife complained to him that it has become embarrassing for her, that everyone is singing the same songs and that too, after looking at her in the crowd, they definitely sing them for sure.

Well, the actor got what he wished for and a “special heroism” too. The best and healthy relationship is one where, people address each other’s accomplishments and respect them too, in some or the other way!

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