Can ‘Aha’ Reach Their Level?


Looking at the reception for OTT platforms, many producers and business class are coming forward to enter the digital space. Renowned producer Allu Aravind too started his own digital streaming site called ‘Aha’. He even roped in Vijay Devarakonda to promote his app but the response was just average as per sources. So, the team is planning to relaunch the app in a grand way by bringing Stylish star Allu Arjun as the guest. This news is yet to be confirmed.

Reports are that Allu Arjun will be taking part in advertising ‘Aha’ as well. The app was launched recently and it is the reason why it does not have much of original content as of now. Also, it is not a free app to install which is reducing its market as per experts. They are also claiming that the team is solely focusing on urban audiences and promoting the platform through social media which is limiting their range.

Looks like the feedback about content has reached the Aha’ team as they are brining in some well-known directors on board for generating content on their platform. ‘Geetha Arts’ and ‘GA2 Pictures’ have given advances to few directors like VI Anand, Maruti, and Srikanth Addala in the past and they are using it now to boost their OTT platform as per sources. Allu Aravind and his team are doing all they can to make this work and hope it reaches the stage of Zee5 if not the level in Amazon Prime and Netflix in the coming days.

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