Can ”Aviri” Work For Ravi Babu?


Aviri is Telugu word for smoke and water vapour. For fun, many use the term to describe if someone lost their money or fame. As it also means smoke, we can associate it with a ghost film too.

Ravi Babu as a director could make people shiver with Avunu, Anasuya. But his films lack consistency at the box office and his recent film is Adhugo.

Movie had a piglet in main character and it failed to entertain audiences. After its failure and long delay in making, Ravi Babu returned to his low budget making style with Aviri.

A girl in the bottle is the new poster designed for the film and the director is known for his creativity in promotions and narration.

We have to wait and see, if this silently wrapped up film can violently bring him back into reckoning as a director with a big box office performance.

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