Can Prasthanam Fame Deva Katta Win The Legal Battle?


Prasthanam made Deva Katta a most wanted writer-director. But he couldn’t continue the success further. Now, the same movie gave him another chance at success.

He waited for long to start the remake in Hindi as Sanjay Dutt wanted to do the film. Finally, Sanjay could end all legal battles in his personal life and make this movie.

Unfortunately, for Deva Katta another legal battle has to be won or worked out before he can release his film.

Shemaroo Entertainment has slammed a legal notice to Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt as well as the director, claiming that they own the remake rights.

Until and unless, the original writer and director sells his or her rights to own creative property, they can still claim copyrights as per the law.

So, Shemaroo might have bought the rights from producers but they have to prove that Deva Katta also sold the rights to remake under new laws.

May be this new law and rule, made Sanjay Dutt go ahead and produce the film. But Shemaroo is insistent on stopping the movie release until they get their due deal.

We have to wait and see, how Deva Katta will handle this while completing the film as this is biggest opportunity and only chance at regaining what he lost with same film that put him on the horizon in the first place.

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