Can Shahid Repeat Kabir Singh With Jersey?


Shahid Kapoor’s selection to play the role of Hindi Arjun Reddy, Kabir Singh became a blessing for Sandeep Reddy. He could make a sensational debut that will help him build a career like no one else, if he is smart enough.

Shahid Kapoor too after so long looks like he finally reached a point where he doesn’t chase the successful scripts but choose what works and then set his eyes on it.

The actor saw Jersey post its release and decided to do it in Hindi immediately. He made it possible and now, he is practising Cricket to play the character perfectly.

Gautham Tinnanuri got a lifetime opportunity to make the movie talk and deliver bigger success like Sandeep Reddy. Nani attained physical fitness and learned the game to play the role.

Shahid has an athletic body build and for him polishing his skill to look like a professional cricketer will be the only challenge.

As an actor, Shahid Kapoor can play anything and match any actor’s talents. All he need is a strong script and competent director. He proved it in films like Haider, Udta Punjab, Kabir Singh and Kaminey.

Gautham proved that he knows how to deliver a story written well on paper even on screen too. So, with both of them coming together, the expectations won’t be any less in comparison to Kabir Singh.

There is one advantage that this team has and it is Jersey is not widely popular as much as Arjun Reddy and the scope of the film can be increased without making frame to frame similar film.

Hope Gautham realises the potential of his idea fully and utilise a talent like Shahid to convey the story of a man who goes to any length for setting example to his son!

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