Can They Effect Film’s Collections?


The trend of counting views and likes is growing rapidly in the industry. A star’s craze and value are being estimated on the basis of the views he gets on Youtube. With this turn of events, even the star heroes and producers are taking the views to count seriously and started announcing the details along with posters. But the question is, do these views count really show up in the film’s collections?

Even a small film’s trailer is able to get 2-3 million views these days. This means, if all these people who watched the trailer go to the theatres, then the film easily mints over 10 crores. But is this really happening? Definitely no! Every star hero film gets record number of views and likes and even if half of them watch the film in theatres, every film collects as good as ‘Baahubali’. This means that the views are not converting into footfalls in theatres.

Stars need to realize this as soon as possible as some people are cashing in on it and pulling huge amount of money from the producers saying that they would increase the views and likes. This is no way helpful for the film and is becoming a heavy burden on the heads of investors.

Let us see if the makers realize this and focus more on other important things rather than spending heavily on promoting the views.

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