Can This Young Composer Live Upto #Prabhas20 Expectations?


Prabahs20 & Team has maintained the suspense on the music director from days. Finally, there is a significant update that makers have disclosed the name and it’s none other than Tamil talented musician Justin Prabhakaran who rendered music for Youth Crazy Star Vijay Deverakonda’s Dear Comrade. The young music composer has a unique taste in music which reflects in his compositions too.But, the question is that can the young music director live up to the expectations. As we know, Prabhas20 is a highly anticipated project and is invested more than 400 crores.

For any composer, the pressure is a great challenge to face. In this case, Justin Prabhakaran has to go through a lot of pressure from the team and the audience. However, his music couldn’t lift the script of Dear Comrade. So, we’ve to wait and watch what happens in the coming days.

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