Can This Young Director Handle His Second Film?


There are many people who play their part in a film’s success but only arn few walk away with the credit. A young director scored a good hit two rnyears back with a crazy hero. It was his debut film and this rnhorror-comedy brought good profits. The director’s name became popular rnand he was offered a film by a talented star hero.The film is rnunder pre-production stage and popular actors are coming on board for rnthis film. The title was also announced and it got a good response. rnWell-known production banner is bankrolling this project and everything rnthis looking perfect for this young director.

But many say that arn major credit in the success of his first film needs to go to the rnproduction team because of the way they presented the film despite the rnbudget limitation. The production team is known for taking care of youngrn directors and giving creative inputs. But he is on his own for his rnsecond film and people are wondering how he would be able to handle a rnstar hero who is known to interfere in the filmmaking process. Let us rnwait and see how things pan out for this young director.

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