Can Vijay Save The Dear Comrade Ship?.


Some people might say it is too early to judge the film’s stamina and also star status of the hero just on the second day. But the days have changed from slow pick-ups to instant successes. People have less time and more options.

So, it is easy gauge their interest and understand how it is shifting, if not accurately at least to a level of sense that we can predict box office growth of a star and life of a film.

Dear Comrade is actually Vijay Devarakonda’s immediate film after Geetha Govindam but lucrative offer from Tamil Industry in the form of NOTA and piracy attack on Taxiwaala delayed the film.

Still, he managed to create big buzz around the film before release and the collections on first day showed peoples’ interest in the film.

Now, the dust has settled and people got to know how the initial viewers have felt about the movie. With mixed talk and reviews, films depend on star power as audience look to enjoy the film of a certain actor even though it doesn’t have a string Word of Mouth.

Hence, stars are ranked according to their pull. Mahesh proved that average talk is enough for him to pull up a near to 100 crores collections with Maharshi. If Vijay can save the film, Dear Comrade from here, he can be called a star without any doubt.

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