Can Viswak Change His Behaviour This Time At Least?


Young actor Vishwak Sen who got fame with ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ became a sensation with ‘Falaknuma Das’. Despite the film ending up as an average, Viswak’s offscreen attitude attracted a lot of youngsters but it also drew a lot of criticism. People often criticize his carefree attitude and use of lewd language at times.

Keeping this aside, Viswak recently launched a new film titled ‘Paagal’. Industry insiders claim that the film’s storyline will be somewhat similar to Ram Charan’s ‘Orange’. News is that Viswak will be seen as a lover boy who falls for many girls in this film. As we know, ‘Orange’ was a failure because it had zero commercial elements and entertainment which is why the makers of ‘Paagal’ reportedly gave a comedy touch to the story for catering to the young generation.

But the thing is, Viswak Sen’s last outing ‘HIT’ had a limited success despite getting super positive reports. Few people say that the hero’s rude and over-confident attitude brought a lot of negativity for that flick. This time, Viswak is going to try his luck with a youthful love story which is expected to be different from his regular offerings. We need to wait and see if he fits the bill perfectly or not. But talk in the Film Nagar is that this hero should definitely cut short his off the screen over action to avoid negativity. Let us see if he does that or not.

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