Can You Believe It Is Mass Maharaj?


In Telugu Cinema, actors with great energy are very less. Seniors can do anything but mass connected to energy that Ravi Teja oozes like no one else.

His comic timing, his personality, his charisma are all his USP. The actor did not try many different roles as his energy was enough to make a film successful.

He got the name, Mass Maharaj and now, after few disasters, he decided that he has to change his scripts and accepted Disco Raja.

Movie by Vi Anand has a time travel theme say sources and the science fiction film has Ravi Teja coming up with a new look too.

This photo is said to be taken during the shoot of Disco Raja in Delhi and the actor will be playing an young person and a elder person as per the story demand, it seems.

Even though film is taking much time to be completed, the actor is happy to give it all the time, as he believes it will be his big comeback. We hope so, too.

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