Can You Believe What Sandeep Did For Those Movies?


Sandeep Kishan managed to sustain for 10 years as an actor in TFI. His first brush with fame came in Prasthanam for the negative role.

He did some critically acclaimed small films like D for Dopidi and decided to do a comic caper like Venkatadri Express.

The movie became a blockbuster for his market and he finally, set up himself as an actor. But after that film he gave 10 back to back disasters with Beeruva before those 10, an exception.

He got in to Tamil films and there too he did not see huge respite as an actor. Now, he is producing his film, Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene.

The movie is releasing on 12th July and the promotions are huge. He talked at one of the events and said, “I did 14 films in my career without taking money. I just signed the film as I liked the story and agreed to conditions of producers.

I did not care about money as I wanted people know my name and accept me as an actor. I have parents who understood my passion and good contacts to stay afloat.

But the way some of the producers took advantage of my passion and the way they missed the best possible corrections that scripts needed and faults in executing scripts, promotions, made me say enough is enough, let me try on my own!

I hope this one will be another Venkatadri Express as I corrected myself and my films and did what all I can to execute, all that I believed in the script to perfection.”

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