Can You Guess That Saaho Car Price?


Craze of Prabhas has reached pinnacle and he is showing off what he is capable of doing after a hit like Baahubali-2 with Saaho trends on social media and even at the theaters, people going crazy to watch the trailers.

Prabhas is the unofficial No.1 Star of Telugu Cinema, today and if Saaho manages to become as successful as Mirchi, it will collect three times to what that film managed, that is his market, now.

He has Pan-India appreciation and he is looking to try and entertain all the audiences who like him across the globe with his next films.

Saaho is one daring step in many big steps he might take in future. In the film, a specially made bike and car are being given to Prabhas as souvenirs.

He asked his friends, Vamsi and Pramod, producers of Saaho to give him and they are in his garage now. He specially learnt driving the car and bike in UAE, for action sequences, which are said to be highlight of the film.

Pagani Huayra car has been remodeled to look like the special car for Saaho and it costed, a humble Rs. 5.2 crores to the producers. That is one expensive souvenir, isn’t it?

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