Can you imagine how this lady celebrated Rajni’s birthday?


Rajnikanth became a Superstar in 80’s and he still remains Superstar at Tamil Box Office and the First Indian star hero to have fans all over the world.

First …? Yes, Raj Kapoor was liked in Russia, Amitabh Bachchan had a great run in UAE and Gulf Countries, but Rajni opened market for Tamil films in South East Asian countries and Japan. He was not just accepted by Tamils who settled there but by locals too.

As the Tamil diaspora increased in those countries, other heroes also became popular from Tamil Nadu, but his hold is unparalleled in those markets.

After him, Shah Dukh Khan took global stardom to next level as he entered all European, South Asian, Gulf, African and East Asia markets. Aamir Khan could tap into the second biggest film market in the world, China with Dangal.

So, Rajnikanth remains to be the first man to acquire a global icon recognition and USA, UK markets for his films are equal to Hindi, Telugu films, which is a feat not enjoyed by any other Tamil hero.

A fan from Dubai, celebrated his 70th birthday by making 70 cakes and distributing 270 custom made designer bags to her guests who came to the party.

The eatery still is not opened for business but she did not care about profit and loss equation, when it came to celebrating Rajni’s birthday. Well, the shop’s name is Rajnikanth’s eatery, it seems. Now, how is that for fan-ism?

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