Can You Not Touch Classic Songs, Please!


Classic songs are now part of our culture too. Some seap into deep roots of our ecosystem and they stay with us so much that just a single note hum from that particular song takes us back to those days and make us all nostalgic.

Ee Manase song from Tholiprema is also the same and it deserves respect. People identified themselves with the vulnerability shown by Pawan Kalyan on screen and they connected with the lyrics too.

Deva and SP Balasubramanyam gave it life with the composition and voice, respectively. Such song was remixed for film, Missmatch.

Using Pawan Kalyan’s name or his ideology has become a most vital part of any film’s publicity and young actors are looking to find some audiences by identifying themselves as the actor’s fans.

The song is not really appreciated by the new composer as random beats have been added to make it more funky. Fans of PSPK are asking makers to not use their hero and his songs just for the sake of it.

Nithiin is the only hero who could make himself look like a genuine fan of PSPK but even he had to follow basics like having good script and clever plan to use PK name than just doing it randomly. Please don’t touch the classics!

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