Censor Troubles For Lakshmi’s NTR


Producers will have to apply for Censor Screening 15 days in advance. Censor Board Members would be watching the yet to be released movies according to line-of-order or first come-first serve method.

On March 29th, Three straight Telugu Films (Lakshmi’s NTR, Arjun Suravaram, Suryakantham) are slated for release. Censor Screening of Lakshmi’s NTR is expected to happen either on Monday or Tuesday. What is Censor Officials suggest too many changes & makers doesn’t accept them? Releasing the controversial flick on next Friday will be really difficult.

Neither Arjun Suravaram nor Suryakantham might face any such situation as they don’t have controversial themes. So, They will be releasing without any delay even though Censor Screening is yet to happen.

If Censor Board seeks re-censor of Lakshmi’s NTR citing any reason, Ram Gopal Varma will have no other option but to delay the release. He can’t afford to postpone the release till the completion of AP Elections on April 11th.

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