Flop On Big Screen, Hit On Small Screen!


There are some films which disappoint you on the big screen but the experience is very different when you watch it on television which makes you think why these movies failed in the first place. Sometimes it is quite opposite where some movies work brilliantly in the theatres but don’t get enough reception on small screen.

Taking the films of star director Trivikram for example, despite the film’s box-office result, his films are massive hits on television. ‘Khaleja’ was a flop when it released but it is one the highest TRP generating movies for Sun network in Telugu. His ‘S/o Satyamurthy’ too performed averagely at the box-office but became a super hit on the small screen. When asked about this, Trivikram replied that he doesn’t know how to react on this and sometimes wonder whether he is capable of making films that are only suitable for television.

Even Boyapati Sreenu’s films get good TRP ratings despite the results. His films like ‘Legend’, ‘Bhadra’ and ‘Thulasi’ get good viewership as usual but what is interesting is that his flop film like ‘Dhammu’ too gets good ratings. His recent disaster ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ was a disaster by epic proportions but the film is getting huge TRP’s whenever it is being telecasted which is surprising many. This proves that movie result in theatres doesn’t affect its viewership on small screen. The dubbing rights of these flop films are sold for huge rates and they get humongous viewership too which is a shock to many. During the lockdown, people are limited to television and internet which is why these films are getting such good ratings as per few experts but the real reason behind this is still a puzzle to everyone.