Chankya Puts Gopichand Career In Futhur Doldrums!


It is very sad to see a very talented actor like Gopichand going through a tough low phase in his career with no immediate route map for escape.

While Pantham did manage to get an opening, Chankya released during the Dusshera festival, lost more than 90% of investment according to trade reports.

This is a shocker to Gopichand his next film with Bogavilli Prasad, a famous producer got canceled as a result of the abysmal performance of Chanakya.

The hero did announce a big-budget film with Sampath Nandi, but now we hear that even that project is kept on the back burner until the actor and director figure out a marketing strategy to recover the costs.

Gopichand who saw major disappointments in his life and career before is now trying to figure a way out from this new depression in his career, it seems. We hope he at least starts to act as supporting lead in multiple hero films or Villain like in Jayam, Varsham kind of films rather than waiting to again find “hero roles”.

It is better to be Srihari in today’s day and age for an actor than just wait & wait like Dr. Rajasekhar. Not that the later isn’t competent enough, he answered every one with GarudaVega how good he still is as an actor but the market doesn’t wait for us, unfortunately.

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