Chiru’s Advice: Stay Clean-Stay Home-Stay Safe


Megastar Chiranjeevi shared a video message with fans and common audience advising them on COVID-19. The actor is seen giving precautionary measures to be safe in this time of distress. The actor went on advising to stay clean and stay home to ensure the safety of one’s own well-being.

Chiranjeevi who is a mass puller is appreciated for his generous act but few netizens openly commented saying when you have so much to give, why don’t you distribute masks and sanitizers for the needy. It is common for the netizens to vent their anger on stars who speak generously but never show in deeds! The anger of Twitterati going berserk as all bigwigs and government are constantly providing awareness but none is distributing the safety kits they say!

It’s time for the actors to take a cue from Manchu Manoj who distributed masks and sanitizers. It will be a good act if more actors who make good money with people’s tickets come out and share good and do good in this hour of need.

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