Composer’s special connect with that hotel room!


A certain music director is in good form as he is delivering one chart buster after another. This composer is having over seven films in his hands right now and is completely immersed in the work. Despite all this, he is getting severely trolled in social media.

He is said to be copying his colleague’s style in making songs and promoting them. His recent hit party song reminded us of the other music director’s earlier works. Apart from that, his competitor is known for his rocking onstage performances at film events. People used to go crazy when he came on stage. But, he stopped performing at events off late.

This composer saw this as an opportunity to fill that spot. As he couldn’t replicate the same energy, he is bringing too many signers, musicians and costly equipment which is becoming a heavy burden on the producers. Talk from the industry circles is that after the tremendous response his latest cover video song, he is pushing all his producers to make such promotional songs. Not every song becomes that big a hit and making such videos will cost the producers a lot.

There is a gossip in the industry that he is very particular about getting a stay in room no.821 at Park Hyatt hotel. He is so fixated on that room in that hotel and gets irritated if things go wrong as per sources. Wonder why this composer gets the flow to compose tunes in that particular room itself?

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