Controversial Distributor-Producer Gets Jail Sentence!


Several producers make movies for the sake of it and then they start blaming big wigs saying that they are incurring losses because of the flawed system. They don’t really try to come up with better content.

Natti Kumar is one such producer and distributor in Telugu Cinema. He buys small films and bids for rights of some medium budget films, as a distributor.

But he is more popular due to his appearance on TV talking about bigwigs of Industry and he is known for raking up controversies all the time.

The producer is found guilty in a ten year old case involving Shankam film. He distributed the film Uttarandhra area under Karunalaya Films Distribution banner and he made an agreement with Rajyalakshmi theatre in Vijayanagaram, for Rs. 6.5 lakhs, for exhibiting the film for two weeks.

But he gave termination notice in one week and that made theater management to ask their money back, amounting to Rs. 5.5 lakhs. Natti Kumar after Chamber involvement agreed to pay the amount and issued a check.

The check bounced and the management went to Court. A Metro court found Natti Kumar guilty and asked him to pay up Rs. 6 lakhs without fail. On top of that he got a jail sentence of one year for check fraud.

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