Corona Making Maruthi Popular!


While the whole world is fearing Corona outbreak, this director is enjoying his craze on the social media. Tollywood Director Maruthi has directed a film named ‘Mahanubavudu’ two years ago. This hit movie is based on the story of a guy who has OCD problem and is strict towards cleanliness. He even carries a sanitizer with him and does all the stuff that we are bound to do in this season of Corona outbreak!

The social media is now full of memes taken from this film and the craze for Maruthi has increased by leaps and bounds. The netizens are heaping praises on him for creating such a movie while meme makers are creating awareness on COVID-19 and spreading smiles through their memes.

‘Mahanubavudu’ starred Sharwanand and Mehreen in the lead. The film became a big hit at the Box Office then. Many people laughed watching the film when Sharwa cleanses is hands with sanitizer all the time but today his act has become a safety caution!

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