Corona Virus Starts To Inspire Filmmakers!


Corona virus scare or Covid-19 spread is making people run for supplies that will last for weeks and sanitary products have almost become the most essential groceries for everyone.

During such times, many would try to keep pace with the last updates and try to be aware of the surroundings to keep themselves, people close to them always safe.

But creative people and those who are in creative business are trying to come up with subjects that have Covid-19 pandemic as a backdrop for their films.

Some sources say that few filmmakers recognise this outbreak has a perfect recipe to deliver a disaster theme film. Love stories, thrillers, family dramas, comedies are being written and developed to make use of the situation, it seems.

Some filmmakers did not leave Maruthi Rao-Pranay case to make a film and Covid-19 being even more popular issue, we may see more films being made on it, now.

As Sri Sri said to inspire people to speak up in his Mahaprasthanam that even Soap or Dog can be used to write famous poetry, some filmmakers seem to have made it their hobby to use any issue to make a movie as it may earn them a quick buck.

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