Dear Comrade Team Is Trying To Save The Film!


Dear Comrade could end as a disaster after a good start at the box office on first day. Movie got mixed word of mouth and reviews said that the issues are aplenty with the film.

Team took the feedback of movie being slow and to add Canteen song, that was promoted extensively as one shot song.

Vijay Devarakonda who normally takes over the promotions and tweets about his films did not confirm anything but lead actress Rashmika Mandanna, did.

She tweeted,

“LISTEN!! We DEAR COMRADE team have a surprise for all of you in the theatres I won’t let you know what exactly it is- I want you all to experience it. We’ve taken into consideration all your feedback and more than this I won’t give you any clues. Now go go!! see see!!”

The movie team has cut the movie short by 15 minutes and added the Canteen song, say sources. This could be confirmed by Vijay soon or not.

But few from USA, who know about the distribution and Word of Mouth of the film, are saying,

“Song kalipina..cinema ni trim chesina janalu chudaru bossu.. endukantey cinema mottam reject ipoindi ikkada..! 1Million chesina sare US distributor safe kadu..! 1Million chese range lo cinema itey ledu.. (Nothing can save the film in USA. Even if you add a song or trim the film. Movie has been rejected by audiences and it won’t be able to do 1 Million in US. Even if by some chance it does, it won’t save distributor from losses. But the reality is, movie cannot reach Million dollars in USA!)”

Well, Vijay Devarakonda wanted to take it to four languages and Mythri Movie Makers took a huge gamble with the film by spending more than 35 crores in budget and extra 5 crores on promotions as per the sources.

Movie till date did not cross 16 crores share even though it had a lengthy Bonalu weekend in Telangana. Andhra Pradesh youth seems to have rejected the film, outright. Bharat Kamma, the director might have had right concerns before starting the film, somebody should have heard him out completely.

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