Did Allu Arjun Knew ABCD Will Be Flop?


‘ABCD’ opened to negative reviews and poor word-of-mouth on Friday. Chances of this movie ending in the safe zone looks bleak for now.

Right from the beginning, ‘ABCD’ lacked the required buzz to pull the crowds to the theatres. Even Allu Arjun has done nothing much other than sharing the theatrical trailer.

There was a feeling among many that Allu Arjun anticipated the failure of ‘ABCD’ in advance and hence refrained from promoting it aggressively to safeguard his credibility. We have seen Stylish Star offer positive report for ‘Srirasthu Subhamastu’ prior to the release. Inspite of the weak buzz, He hadn’t come forward to promote the new release.

‘ABCD’ was made on a shoe-string budget and released in over 600 theatres. Had if Allu Arjun took the responsibility to promote, It could have certainly escaped losses due to good opening. May be, Sirish must chose his projects wisely to get his Brother’s support.

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