Did Bunny Target Someone Close To Him In His Speech?


Allu Arjun aka Bunny, seems to have made a name for himself with his speeches, from last four years. People are waiting for his speeches to decipher them till the last word to know the real meaning behind his words.

His fans said that their star is moved by the character he is playing in Trivikram Srinivas’ film and that made him emotional about his father, Allu Aravind on stage.

But others say that he might be targeting Megastar Chiranjeevi’s speech at Sarileru Neekevvaru audio event. The actor seems to have followed what Chiranjeevi said closely and just tried to follow it at some points, go against it at others.

His fans have suggested that Allu Aravind got hackled at Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy movie event by Mega fans and that hurt their star, Arjun more. Hence, he tried to distance his fans as Army from Mega fans, claim his supporters.

But others are saying that he tried to say to Chiranjeevi and entire Industry that his father is being neglected and he should get awards too. This is seen as counter to Chiranjeevi asking Dada Saheb Phalke Award for Krishna.

Also, as Megastar Chiranjeevi said that the senior most South Indian actor alive is Krishna, some say that Allu Arjun tried to say that his father is senior most and most successful producer in South India, today.

Well, Allu Arjun might have gone against Pawan Kalyan fans but he would never go against Megastar Chiranjeevi for sure. It is just that, Allu Arjun seems to be moulding himself on the lines of Chiranjeevi more by even trying to talk like him, say few.

In any case, Allu Arjun might not have so much in his head or he may not be as calculative as people think he is. But his words seem to gain more meanings than just one for sure.

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