Did Hiranyakashapa & Team Spent Rs 15 Crore Even Before Going To Sets?


Rana Daggubati’s upcoming film, Hiranyakasyapa will be his next big challenge after Baahubali and Aranya. The actor played different genre films since Baahubali and Ghazi, Nene Raju Nene Mantri proved to be box office winners also for him. Ever since, the producer Suresh Babu revealed that Fox Star Studios have reportedly come on board to produce the film, the expectations on the film are flying high. The makers are planning it on the grandest scale possible.

And, the director Gunasekhar is keeping all his efforts to shape the movie beautifully. It is heard that the Hiranyakasyapa & team have come up with pre-visualization of how the film will look visually and it cost about Rs 15 crores for this. Well, we can imagine how grand the makers want to make the film as they spent such huge amount even before going to sets.

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