Did Karan Johar Really Watch Dear Comrade?


Dear Comrade is one of the few films that got bloated publicity, hype and buzz as the producers spent crores of amounts for musical fests in different states.

Also, there were numerous interviews, many number of articles, video bytes for promoting the film. Marketing for this film can be a big lesson to other big films.

But all this huge publicity peaked interest of people on social media when Karan Johar prior to the release, a day before to be exact, announced that his Dharma Productions will remake the film.

Director Bharat Kamma talked on stage for 15 minutes and stated what he all went through to make this film. But on the first day, people just said that there is an attempt to say a story but not satisfactory enough.

Some outrightly rejected the film. In other states, film did not get much response from crowds even though, the promotions were grand.

This ended up being a epic fail for the team to expand the market without having such broad reach hero or content.

Above all, people are targeting Karan Johar more than ever. He seemed to be very sure about the success and his congratulatory tweet made many troll him as well. So, is the remake still on? Did he really watch the film or announced it to just get his hand on Dear Comrade before someone else takeaway from him like Jersey and Kabir Singh?

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