Did Pooja Chose Poorly?


Pooja Hegde is looking to balance her career in South films and Hindi films too. No, heroine could make it work.

Right from Vyjayanthimala to today’s Ileana, Tapsee everyone had choose one Industry between South Films and Hindi films.

If South Films are giving you the highest possible status then Hindi films might just use you for extended cameos or as a supporting lead for two or three scenes role.

Pooja did similar mistake like Ramyakrishnan and Rambha who tried to do Hindi and Telugu, Tamil films simultaneously. They became star heroines in South but did not get important roles in Hindi.

Housefull 4 is also such poor choice for Pooja and she did not even get a 4 scenes role to speak about. She got a role that did not use her acting skills and for doing a glam doll role she gets much better remuneration and respect in Telugu.

Reports suggest that she gets 1.5 crores remuneration and 30 lakhs additional amount to adhere to her other demands for her staff as well.

More importantly she could have completed 2 or 3 big hero films in Telugu during the time she did HF4, which seems to be heading towards a flop.

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