Did She Try To Say That She Can’t Be “Unsung” Anymore?


Anasuya Bharadwaj doesn’t really get much appreciation for her acting skills as much as for her beauty. She knows that much better than any of us.

She has been able to find work as an actor majorly because of her popularity than her skills to perform in a character.

Hence, she picks and chooses her characters. She doesn’t want to fully give up on TV but she does want to explore more in terms of acting.

Somehow, she remains an “Unsung” actress and also, her performance in Rangasthalam is not as praised as others. It all changed with Filmfare Telugu award and Anasuya showed it with a tweet, like this,

“Errrr.. did the meaning of “Unsung” change??? ”

In all fairness, she did not get a character like Rangasthalam again but there are times when humility wins battles than showing off. Where does this fall? We will let you decide.

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