Did Upasana And Charan Start A New Trend?


‘Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy’ released on October 2nd to thunderous applause and the film crossed the 200 crore mark in ten days. Everyone related to the film were praised for their fine work.

Especially, Tamanna received a lot of applause for her portrayal of ‘Lakshmi’ character in the film. Especially in the scene where she sacrifices herself to stop the attack of Britishers, her performance was phenomenal. She is also actively taking part in the promotions unlike Nayanathara and is grabbing a lot of attention. Impressed with her friends work, Upasana Konidela gifted Tamanna a special ring and the latter took to social media and thanked Upasana by flaunting it.

Rumours are that, the gift is worth 2 crores which is surprising everyone. As we know, Tamanna’s role has a screen time of not more than 15 minutes in ‘Sye Raa’ and she charges around 1.5 crores for a film. So, it is quite strange to give a gift which is more than her remuneration. Gossip is that Charan and Upasana decided to give Tamanna’s remuneration in the form of a gift and gave that ring. If this is true, it may become a new trend in Tollywood.

But the question remains, Is that gift really worth 2 crores?

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