Did you Ever Imagine Regina Like This?


Regina Cassandra debuted in Telugu Cinema almost a decade ago. She showed a lot of potential in playing characters that are lively in her initial films.

She could pull off some difficult scenes very convincingly too. But then flops surrounded her one after another and she couldn’t find a character that could establish her like Tamanna or Kajal.

Hence, she had to back off from Box Office pressure or take up the roles that came her way. She tried both, she took small break and then, took all kinds of roles that came her way.

Until Evaru, she couldn’t find a box office success in Telugu. In Tamil, she had to face more fierce competition than ever. Her role in Awe, did help her leave an impression on some of the young directors.

Well, now she seems to be entering the horror zone too. Nene Naa..?!, her new film team released her first look and the actress looks tortured in traditional typical “Queen” costumes.

Looks like she is either doing a horror movie as a ghost or an woman empowerment film that discusses about issues of women. It is hard to decide from the look, just yet. Caarthick Raju is debuting as writer and director, with the movie.

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